Friday, July 20, 2007

Cuba must suffer

That is the take-away from the latest on U.S. government treachery towards the Cuban people:

WASHINGTON — Eliminating U.S. trade and travel restrictions on Cuba could double U.S. agricultural exports to the island, according to a new government report that's sure to add fuel to the debate over U.S. sanctions on Cuba.

The study estimated that the restrictions cost the United States between $176 million and $350 million annually in lost agriculture exports to Cuba.

The economic strangulation of Cuba by the United States is for one reason and one reason alone - to set an example. If a country doesn't open itself up for exploitation by U.S.-based investors, it must suffer until it does so. Including and even if the trade strangulation against the targeted country harms American citizens, too.

Rethinking Camelot.

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