Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Antioch Undergraduate School Closing

Seems like a neat place:

The Chronicle: 6/29/2007: Antioch: an Education in the Real World

At the time, the Selective Service System required colleges to report students' progress toward their degrees as a condition of maintaining their deferments. Armed with misguided moral certainty, I returned to Yellow Springs and organized a successful campus movement to force the college to refuse cooperation with the draft system. Dixon properly felt we could not impose this on individual students, but he never let on, instead complimenting me on my political work and appointing me to a blue-ribbon committee to work out a formal policy. Months went by, and by the time we reached a conclusion, procedures had changed, and the issue was moot. Unlike many of my university colleagues, I am no longer automatically charmed and co-opted by committee appointments.

Antioch Chancellor responds.

I don't ever recall meeting someone from Antioch.

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