Thursday, December 11, 2003

Committee for a National Discussion of Nuclear History and Current Policy

Wow. That's a name for ya. I'm tellin ya - DC is teaching me stuff all the time. Did you know why Native Indians (in America) are called 'Indians'? Ummm.....well, ok, so I'm the only one who didn't know. The answer lies here, where also lies a little rip from Howard Zinn's book - A People's History of the United States. It's the account of history that they don't tell you about in grade school - or any school. Not at the University of South Carolina, anyways. It disturbs me beyond to find out the truth about these great conquering heros that I was told about for all of the years of my formal education. These great conquering heros were no better than Hitler. Great. Someone needs to get pimp-slapped - a lot of people, in fact. Why can't we get the truth? Would the truth be that bad?!

Talking about truth - I have a little thing going on with George Washington University. I just don't think I'm down with going to a school whose namesake was an unabashed slaveowner. I've got issues with this - big issues. We in Washington, DC celebrate the man like he was some kind of conquering hero. Really? If George Washington was a great man, I guess that would make Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam hussein true saints?! More on this....I'm sorry, I just don't agree that being a champion of 'progress' absolves you from your shameful acts of slave-holding, slave-trading, slave-selling, slave-profiterring, etc. I'm just talking about GW here. Columbus' exploits are worse - much worse - so bad as to be unbelievable - sickly - dastardly - unthinkable. Believe me - the Columbus list goes on and on and on. Back to G-Dub, did you know good 'ol GW once got a whole barrel of molasses for one of his fine slaves? A WHOLE BARREL! You don't even know the half. And listen, we've been layin down and bowin down for four hundred years!!! I don't need to hear anymore GW apologists! I want the truth!

Anyway, on to other topics you never gave enough thought, what about the bombing of Japan? You know the atomic bomb and all that? Well, did you ever hear the term...'war crime'? Well, the title of this post is a group of people that know about the horrors of war - and about the horrors of nuclear war. Now don't go getting yourself all stopped up because you're not liking what you're hearing - sometimes the truth is ugly - but you shouldn't hide from the truth. I'd argue that it's your duty as an American to seek out the truth, always. The DC area has been getting some attention for a new airplane display that is about to go up in one of the umpteen Smithsonian museums - the display is of the Enola Gay - the plane that dropped the first A-bomb, on Hiroshima. Now, the details of the who and the how and the why are many and varied, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if you try to tell people the truth about this stuff it will shock their senses to the point that they'll want to vomit - and then punch you in the face - but like I said, the truth needs to come out - no matter how detestable.

This group is going to host a one day conference, on a Saturday, about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. It sounds totally cool. I can't believe that not once during my entire schooling up through twelfth grade did any history teacher of mine ever suggest that dropping those atomic bombs might not have been the best option - might have been avoidable - might have been wrong!. Not once. Brilliant. Or as the annoying LA film jerk who was watching the Swiss film the other day about milk kept repeating - over and over and over - Bravo! Loser. That makes me mad as all get-out. I'm sitting there sleep-walking for twelve+ years of edumacation! Fudge! Check out the pdf flyer for details. It's on Saturday, December 13, 2003 at American University in DC.

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