Wednesday, December 03, 2003

More good news from Iraqistan...

A U.S. soldier loses a leg to a...grenade attack from an....Iraqi police officer? Ummmm...yeah. So, let's see. Where to start? Too much bad stuff. It's like Juliette Lewis's character, Mallory Knox, from Natural Born Killer....'Bad! Bad! Bad!'. She was scolding Woody Harrelson's character, Mickey Knox, for killing the old Indian man in the desert. The Indian man had been so nice to them - fed them, gave them a place to sleep, and now Woody hauls off and kills the old man. Mallory is just so overwhelmed by the wrongness of what Mickey has done that she starts yelling and pointing at Mickey 'Bad! Bad! Bad!'.

There's not so much an association between the U.S. soldier getting attacked by one of his own and the old man getting killed by Mickey Knox, but the bad of the situation is all-engulfing. It's bad that we broke international law to invade Iraq. It's bad that we're still in Iraq. It's bad that we've run the occupation so poorly (and brutally). It's bad that U.S. soldiers have to worry about the forces they've armed (sound familiar?). It's bad that this soldier lost his leg. It's bad that he won't be the last soldier to lose a leg in Iraqistan. It's bad that this soldier will not be taken care of by his government when he gets back home. It's bad that Bush might get re-elected for having started this war. It's bad that the press is little more than a mouthpiece for this Administration. It's bad that Iraqi-police-on-U.S.-forces attacks have happened many times already and will continue to happen - probably with increasing frequency and effect. It's bad that we've spent hundreds of billions of dollars on Iraqistan and will probably spend several hundred billion more by the time it's over - all without making America any safer from terrorism. It's bad that we don't know what 'over' is in Iraq. It's bad that Iraq is headed towards theocracy. It's bad that we've established a mind-numbingly dimwitted and dangerous precedent by invading another sovereign country. It's bad that the UN has put its stamp of approval on the invasion. It's bad that the Bush is putting nuclear weapons 'back on the table'. The list goes on. As Mallory Knox said, 'Bad! Bad! Bad!'.

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