Friday, August 13, 2004

Greek Anti-Heroes

Kostas Kenteris, winner of the Syndey Games 200 m sprint, has mysteriously failed to show up for his drugs test. He has subsequently mysteriously been involved in a motorcycle accident - that will presumably remove him from the Olympics competition - if, of course, he feels the Greeks are serious about testing him, and I believe they are.

Now, take a look at this man's legs. Do those look like sprinter's legs to you? I'm no genius, but I know bodybuilder legs when I see them. I know steroids when I see them. It's almost impossible to have legs that big and sprint so fast because the muscles would actually get in the way of your sprinting! Impossible, unless, of course, the incredible super-human power that your steroids-enhanced muscles can produce can actually overcome the awkward bio-physio-kinetic-type effects of your lobsided muscle masses. I believe this is the case with Mr. Kostas Kenteris, as it was the case with Mr. Ben Johnson. Take a look at this pic of Mr. Johson and decide for yourself if he looks more like a bodybuilder than a sprinter:

Mind you, it's not just the men that are the druggie cheats. We have every reason to believe that most professional athletes today are on the juice. Believing otherwise is just blind ignorance of the facts. Most people outside of the United States, and even some here, believe that Florence Griffith-Joyner also used steroids. Let's go to the video-Tape:

Ben Johnson has a good quote in this article, after he got outted:

There is a level playing field out there. It just isn't the playing field you thought it was.
We should talk about steroids in sports. It's apparently necessary to do drugs if you wish to compete at the highest levels. So, should we legalize drugs, or continue to promote their underground usage?

p.s. You thought our Carl Lewis was clean? Puh-leaze. And for all those who think all the American baseball players, miraculously, are not taking - wake the f*ck up!

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