Sunday, August 22, 2004

Truth Before Power

The National Security Archive always sounded to me like a government organization, but they're actually non-governmental, and non-profit. I ran across their site when doing some research.

Anyways, perusing their website quickly, I came across some cool-looking pictures. Upon further inspection I realized they were an art exhibit. A 'noted modern artist' named Jenny Holzer put together a show called Art Before Power in Bregenz, Austria.

In this exhibit, she shows a bunch of once-classified documents, obtained from the National Security Archive, in massive displays - on big walls, on the sides of buildings, etc. Some of the pictures are awesome, and the displays are awesome, and the concept, to me, is awesome. It's the perfect mix of artistic expression, with democratic activism, which the power of the written word, and the insight provided by the unearthed secrets of governments.

Great stuff.

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