Sunday, August 22, 2004

Komodo Dragon Dies In Captivity

Am I the only person on this earth to have seen Jurassic Park? I mean, did all the zookeepers of the world just decide they were too good for the movie - that they couldn't learn anything? Is that why the curator here seems so baffled:

"The design of the enclosure was thoroughly researched drawing on the knowledge of the world's leading reptile experts, but sadly this individual female dragon's agility far exceed our expectations and research," curator Dr David Field said.
How many more stories do we have to hear of man-eating Lions and other bigger-than-life animals getting out of their cages - loosed upon unsuspecting humanoids? F*cking idiots. Truly.

Go rent the movie - it's pretty good - I swear - a buck-fifty (well, three dollars) and a buck-fifty hours - you'll learn a lesson you'll never forget. And you might unwittingly save the life and/or limbs of some humanoids in the future.

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