Friday, August 20, 2004

Iraq vs. Olyroos, 11 am Athens Time

Took me a while to dig up the schedule, but it looks like Iraq mens soccer team will play Australia at 11 am EST on Telemundo (18:00 GMT in a GMT+2 timezone yields 11 am EST. No idea what time it's supposed to mean in a GMT-5 timezone, GMT-5 being EST). At least, Telemundo, when given the choice, usually runs with soccer, especially if it's a South/Central American team involved.

Oh yeah, the Olyroos is the nickname given to the Australian international mens soccer team - usually the Socceroos - from Kangeroos, of course - but with an Olympic twist. Most of the Aussie teams have cool nicknames.

Other nicknames that spring to mind: All Blacks, Tall Blacks (New Zealand mens basketball team), Wallabies, Matildas (Australia womens soccer team), Kookaburras (Australia mens field hockey), Hockeyroos (Australia womens field hockey), Jillaroos (Australia under-21 womens field hockey), Boomers (Australia mens basketball), Opals (Australia womens basketball), Kangaroos (Australia rugby league), Joeys (Australia junior mens soccer), etc. You get the idea. Methinks it's totally cool. This is the way they're actually referred to in the Aussie (awzee) press, too.

UPDATE: Great game. Bicycle kick for the game winner? Nice. I'm really impressed by Iraq. They've got some good players - and they play with some flair - a bit of Brazil, even. Think I actually caught it on CNBC, not Telemundo, though it might have been on there too.

Australian coach was crying. Here's the oddest part about all the crying that these supposed soccer nations do - the only team that is actually gracious in defeat? The US mens basketball team. Can you imagine? Unbelievable.

Next match, I believe, is vs. Paraguay - semis - this upcoming Tuesday at 2 pm eastern. It'll definitely be live on an English-language station.

UPDATE: Iraq lost to Paraguay, but it was a closer game than the 3-1 scoreline indicates. The Iraq coach was classy, saying, "We missed a lot of opportunities, but Paraguay was better on this day."

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