Monday, May 09, 2005

CQ Weekly Horror

They're handing out free CQ Weekly rags at the Dupont Circle metro today. Long story short, it went like this as I quickly thumbed through it:
- white guy
- white guy
- white guy
- american indian casino guy
- white guy with white lawyer
- lots of white guys
- more white guys
- horror.

This whiteness is important in that the CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Weekly covers what these gangster pols are doing with our tax money. A bunch of old white guys. That's America, right?

What was the horror, you ask - besides the fact that our country is being run by a bunch of crazed, greedy monsters? Here.

We can't let even the silliest of articles go unchallenged when they're so blatantly dishonest:

This has to be the worst piece I've read in at least a week. Which liberals, exactly, did you overhear talking about how they expected the hypocritical Rethugs are.

I point you to a Tuesday, May 3, 6:22 PM post on Eschaton linking to Digby - who very clearly makes the case about Rethug 'phony sanctimony'.

And this is not an isolated incident - if you comb Eschaton or DailyKos or the myriad other liberal blogs over the past several months - just after any new outrage by a self-proclaimed 'traditional values conservative' - you'll see that the response from the liberal blogosphere is always the same - ripping the Rethugs on their fake-ass sanctimony - never, of course, actually expecting the Rethugs to be called on it by the corporate media, nor their Rethug colleagues.

Seriously - what world are were you living in to have penned this disaster?

Yours in shock and horror,


Oops. Typos galore in that one. Shouldn't have to waste three minutes of my morning chasing down this sh*t - and I do mean sh*t.

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