Wednesday, May 11, 2005

She Is

Found a pamphlet of spoken word material I bought one night for $5 a couple of years ago. Best $5 I ever spent.

One performer stood out. He went by 'Komplex', his crew was 5th L, though I don't think he's chillin with them anymore.

Anyway, listening to some Ani Difranco lately made me remember how much I enjoyed spoken word/slam poetry stuff when I actually used to get after it (she's coming to DC this summer, apparently - might finally check her out).

To further help in re-igniting the fire, I stumbled upon this jam and it was way off the hook - some of the best slam I've ever heard - too much fun. Been trying to get an audio recording, but no dice yet.

Back to Komplex, whose poem 'She Is' really made me think that this Poetry/Spoken Word/Slam stuff was worth paying attention to. Of course, you'll have to imagine this poetry being delivered with the perfect tone and inflection and all that other stuff that true lyricists make look easy:

                     She Is

She is...the rhythm my heart dances to
I'm living for what she's given, she is who my heart answers to
And when she is not around and her sound cannot be heard
I put my eyelids down and renew her last words.

My word, I'm saying!
I heard her mention my name when she was praying.
When I heard it I felt it,
the sensation was one in the same.
When the words hit I melted, all elation, no shame.
I don't have to impress, I can just be myself
and when my soul can't rest, she helps me free myself.
If this life was just a movie she is the superstar!
I'm trying to make part two be about who we are.

To speak on who she is is a must.
But words are too weak to do her just.
She is more than words, more than a song could manage.
To me she is the birth of a whole new language.
Where two communicate heart to heart.
And you salute your mate with harps and larks.

A complementary design makes a couple a pair.
I want to intertwine hers with mine over a couple of years,
a couple of decades, a couple of centuries.
I want to be coupled with her for a couple of infinities.
For she is the essence of every fantasy pure.
Her presence makes a man demand to see more.
She is genius at academic love.
She is Venus in atomic glove
She is...She is...She just is.


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