Friday, May 06, 2005

Outrage at Georgia High School

Drudge tips us off to this story where a student was suspended from his high school for talking on his cellphone - to his mom - while his mom was serving in Iraq - and she called him - on his lunch hour.

I tried to call the school, but couldn't get through, so wrote an email to the principal and two assistant principals:

Olivia / Alfred / Wendell,

I have seen plenty of ignorance. Lots of incompetence. And far too much injustice. Which brings us to where we are today.

What you all have collectively done by suspending this kid for TALKING ON THE CELLPHONE is the most outrageous story I've heard of in the past two months - and that's a LOT of outrageousness, considering I get news from all over the world.

Is it just 'rules are rules'? And, if so, then why not expel Mr. Kevin Francois? If y'all cop to making an allowance for Mr. Francois's mother being in Iraq, then you are opening yourself up to criticism that you could have actually employed a little more compassion in dealing with Mr. Francois's 'defiant and disorderly' misconduct.

Which makes me wonder what y'all actually expected of Mr. Francois? Was he supposed to salute upon being ordered to hang up on his mom? Beg the king's forgiveness? What, exactly, is going on down there in Columbus, GA?

Who's the dimwit who originally interpreted the events? And who are the dimwits who handed down the suspension order? An enraged America wants to know.

Could y'all honestly argue that allowing Mr. Francois to skate would set a bad precedent, thus causing cell phone mayhem in the school? Sure - there are other kids in the school with parents in Iraqistan - so? Deal with it. It's YOUR JOB. Not allowing cell phones for kids with parents in Iraq is BAD POLICY. Fix it.

Whoever is responsible for this incredible injustice should be suspended indefinitely from Spencer, and further be required to apologize to Mr. Francois, his mother, the community, and the world, before being allowed again to 'teach'.


Yours in horror and disgust,


Spencer High School contact info here.

UPDATE: It's scary what we could accomplish together as a country if the Rethugs would stop being such cowardly, racist, warmongering, elitists interested only in serving the elites of our society regardless of how much damage it does to non-elites.

I presume everyone, racist Republicans and otherwise, jumped to action when Drudge linked to this story. The GA High School has reduced it's suspension of Mr. Francois from 10 days to 3 days. That's not enough to satisfy me. It should be Wendell and his cohorts who are suspended for 3 days - if not longer - like, forever.

I'm glad I copied Assistant Principal Wendell on my email because he sounds like he's as guilty as the rest of them. They should all be fired. Seriously.

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