Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Beasley to play in UEFA Semi-final

Damarcus Beasley could be the first American to actually get playing time for his side during a UEFA Champions League Semi-final match when his side, PSV Eindhoven, run up against Italian powerhouse AC Milan today (2.45 pm EST).

Couldn't be happier for that dude - class act, and a heck of a player. Best of luck!

Here's a bizarre factoid that I've never heard about - Damarcus has an older brother who used to be awesome himself, but he washed out of professional soccer because he got too busy drinking? Holy cow. Sad. He's supposedly making a comeback in Futsal. Blah. I guess he wouldn't be the first to not know what he had until it was gone.

UPDATE: Beasley's side lost 2-0 away in a home and home, but the game was much closer than the score would suggest. Next match will be exciting.

UPDATE: Beasley apparently injured in that last game - didn't play today, and PSV won 3-1 today, but still fail to advance b/c they gave up a home goal. Funky tie-breaking rules, but that's life in a home-and-home series. Sounds like I missed a scorcher, today.

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