Monday, April 25, 2005

Mexico about to explode?

The Mexican fascists are trying to shut down their opposition, but a million people came into the streets today. I think, though I can't be sure, that this judge will not indict the mayor. An indictment would remove the strongest opposition to incumbent Vincente Fox from the upcoming Presidential election ticket, and would also force him to step down as mayor of Mexico City.

I get the feeling that with things being as bad as they are here in America, down in Mexico they must be significantly worse. A move by the fascists, it seems to me, would mean tanks in the streets. Maybe a compromise will be reached that allows the mayor to remain mayor, but still kicks him out of the next presidential election? That would probably be enough to satisfy fascist Fox and pacify the population enough to keep them from rioting.

Mexico is not like Ukraine. Too many Americans speak the language. They're too close to us. We're connected. They're almost a 51st state. Mass state violence would no longer work. We'd get it on camera, and Fox would be condemned worldwide - but most importantly from the U.S. citizenry - and forced to leave office.

Really need to practice my Spanish so I can make out all the wire reports and independent media coming out of Mexico...

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