Sunday, April 24, 2005

Paris on the Potomac

DC definitely reminds me of Paris, but I'd only just now heard of this ... festival(?) ... which has been going on since Februrary, apparently, and is supposed to last through the end of May. The website has this blurb:

Paris on the Potomac is a citywide celebration that honors the longstanding cultural ties between two world capitals: Washington, DC and Paris. From Valentine’s Day through Memorial Day 2005, more than 100 French-themed exhibits, performances, walking tours, lavish restaurant experiences and romantic hotel packages highlight Paris’s influence on Washington, DC’s arts, culture and culinary scene. Paris on the Potomac is produced by The American Experience Foundation in partnership with the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corporation and Cultural Tourism DC and the Embassy of France and is sponsored by Metro and the Sofitel Lafayette Square. 1-800-422-8644, ext. 1789.

Don't know much about Paris on the Potomac, but seems like it might have some good info for you cheese-eaters...

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