Sunday, April 03, 2005

Army Reports Flaws in Stryker Transport

Wow. I'm really surprised by this new information about the Stryker that we've never, ever seen before.

I'm tellin ya, I am not convinced that Rumsfeld is not trying to kill our soldiers. I'm serious. At some point you have to say to yourself, where does incompetence and arrogance end, and sabotage begin? We already know that there was at least one group of people actively assisting Israeli and Iranian spies who were operating within the Pentagon with approval from Rumsfeld or his direct reports. That is treason. Why would be surprised to find out that Rumsfeld has actually designed-in a certain number of casualties? He does want a 'transformed military', and that, in part, means fewer soldiers - so maybe he just thought he get them killed on the battlefield instead of just kicking them out of the military? Maybe that's why he withheld, and continues to withold, body armor from getting to the troops? It's a good way to get guys killed outright, and if they're not killed outright, then insufficient armor can make sure they're severely wounded and/or brain-damaged, thus allowing the army to legally kick them out of the force without the Republican-war-base getting all uppity. Plausible. Certainly more plausible than any of the reasons that Rumsfeld has offered for not getting the armor to our troops - reasons which have been proven to be lies, but which the liberal media somehow fails to point out.

I don't pretend to know how these folks' brains operate - I report, you decide.

And, let's face it - $11 billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at. That's enough hometown business to keep reps of both major parties happy for a long, long time - ensure my re-election and I'll be quiet about Stryker - sure. In fact, I'll be quiet about a whole bunch of things for that.

Props to POGO for more good work.

UPDATE: Turns out Rummy didn't want the Strykers. The only reason I could find was that he didn't think they were light and/or fast enough - they weren't 'transformational' enough for Rummy. My gut is that he just wanted to crash anything that Shinseki was a part of. Rummy stole Shinseki's 'transformation' term for himself. Shinseki had originally started using the term in 1999 (I think), and talked about moving the Army to a lighter, meaner, faster, more flexible force. But being a soldier, Shinseki didn't want to jeopardize American security by recklessly cutting the Army's troop levels by 20% overnight so as to fund high-tech gizmo research for this new, faster army, as did the asshole, Rummy. Rummy had the chance to stop al Qaeda in Afghanistan and blew it, so his ability to maneuver now, on the political front, is akin to the maneuvability he afforded his very-limited military in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan.

Rummy hated Shinseki from Rummy Day 1, apparently. Think Rummy was just jealous - plain and simple. Rummy had no military experience, was aging, decrepit-looking, and was otherwise totally intimidated by Shinseki, who obviously knew what he was talking about, and was very well respected inside the military, unlike Rummy. And asshole Republicans supported Bushco as they had Shinseki fired for giving accurate estimates of troop deployment levels that would be required to stabilize Iraq after the invasion. Assholes.

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