Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Crazy Guy At The Bar

Reprinted in full, from Eschaton:

Certainly not actually crazy. Honor, fighting for country, paying the price so freedom is free. On leave. From where? Hawaii, is the first response. From 14 months in Iraq is the real one. There with brother, friends, his second day being legally allowed to drink. Honor, love of country, willing to die. Honor. Fighting. 25 kills, officially. Captured. Tortured. Friend cruises by. Have a beer, tag some pussy. Not tears, but almost tears. Says, in fact, almost in tears. No one understands. Brothers. Fight for country. Honor. No one understands. Fighting for country. 25 kills. Women. Children. Children carrying ammunition. No one understands. Fighting for country. A bit drunk. A lot drunk. On leave, just one week. Where is brother, friends? Women. Children. Freedom isn't free. 21 just yesterday. Was once religious, no longer believe. God wouldn't allow such pain. The war is against religion, must stop it to defend the country. Almost in tears. Knee blown out. Chest. Scar. Fighting for brothers. Fighting with brothers. No one understands. honor. repeat. honor. Fighting for country. Captured. Razor. No air support when needed. Politics. Will fight for country. Children. Killed. Honor. Freedom. Fighting for country. No one understands. 14 months. Honor. Brothers. Dude, have a beer. Tag some pussy. Children. Backpacks. Ammunition. Fought for country, for freedom. Will end up in hell.

how many like him?

All these crazy/depressed killers will be coming back home one day. They'll be the new murderers, the new psych ward patients, the new homeless, the new welfare recipients, the ugly face of America and the public face of its ruthless brand of captilism, where the poor go to fight and die in wars of agression for the rich.

And those soldiers not poor at departure time will be poor by the time they get home, or soon thereafter - after they get medical releases from the military, after they get fired from their first couple of jobs, after their wives have left them, after the flashbacks have started, after America has forgotten them.

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