Thursday, September 22, 2005

NFL Blackouts

I've heard the term 'blackout' before, as relates to the televising of NFL games, but now I know what it means. If a home team - in my case the San Diego Chargers - don't sell out their home game for that Sunday (usually, it's a Sunday), then the game will not be shown on local television.

I can see why the stadium/Chargers revenue folks might like this - maybe - but how can blocking a blockbuster day of advertising to a massive home/local audience be a good thing from a revenue perspective?

I hope it gets blocked. Upon going to the Chargers home page right now you get a nice little message:

More than 1,300 tickets remain on sale for Sunday night's nationally-televised game against the New York Giants, signaling the likelihood of a local television blackout.


Are we all following this? If you don't buy a ticket to the game, then you, Chargers fan, makers of Chargers profit, enricher of team and NFL ownership, will not be able to watch the team you support play.

I've heard some outrageous shit in my day, but this is pretty darn well near the worst of it.

Awesome. Just one more reason to start an NFL fans' union to lobby the NFL for changes. But most NFL fans, like U.S. voters, are sheep - and more than willing to do what their told like good little sheeple. But, you never know - I bet even the typical NFL sheep-fan has a tipping point.

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