Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kathy Woods: Ignorant Bitch

Seriously - what would make a person say the following?

'My son's a Marine! Go home, Cindy!' yelled Kathy Woods of Simi Valley, Calif., who said she has spent weeks quietly simmering over Sheehan's mission. Woods's son is stationed in Hawaii and has not served in Iraq.

'She doesn't speak for me,' said Woods, a tourist, who added that she thought Sheehan was a publicity seeker."

Why does it matter that this bitch's son is a Marine? I don't care if the dude is a fuckin Marine or a circus clown - we should not be in Iraq, you dumb bitch.

Oh - p.s. and by the way - my son is chillin in the desert sands of Hawaii, not Iraq.


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