Saturday, September 17, 2005

Racist Incidents at UVA Bush's Fault?

Not all Bush's, perhaps, but he's a big part of it - given that he has implicitly or explicitly endorsed his Rethug Party and all the right-wing hate talk show hosts on the radio, and on tv:

After class at the University of Virginia one night this week, sophomore Kyle Miller found a note attached to the windshield of his jeep. It wasn't a ticket; it was something hateful, racist, written in red ink, in all caps.

The rise in racist incidents across America during racist Woodrow Wilson's reign is well-known - why would we expect Bush's reign to produce something different?

My own contradictory sentiments aside regarding the importance of words - words can, in fact, matter - sometimes a great deal. Bush's coddling of the extremist wings of the Right - including hate groups and individuals similar in thought to the KKK - has been a boon for racism in America. Well done, Bush.

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