Thursday, November 17, 2005

Daily Kos: Democratic Voters Not in Love With Their Pols: Will Vote for Them Anyway

For the record, the title of a post on dKos just about says it all:

Democratic Voters Not in Love With Their Pols: Will Vote for Them Anyway

The opportunity for the Green Party will always be there, until at least the time they elect a POTUS, but right now, the opportunity seems particularly exploitable. The Rethugs are completely crass and corrupt and contemptible, and the Dems are cowards and/or complicitous co-conspirators with the Dems on many pieces of legislation that are horrible for the people of this country (can you say, just about every bill passed during Bush's entire reign?).

Reminds me of that line of Chariots of Fire - Harold Abrahams is trying to convince Sam Mussabini to coach him, and Abrahams is using his 'gift of the gab'. I've quoted the whole passage - the bolded lines from Abrahams (the sprinter) are how I feel right now, with respect to the Green Party capitalizing on this opportunity that's been presented to us on a silver platter. The first speaker is Abrahams, asking the coach to help Abrahams beat Eric Liddell in the 100m dash (link):

A: I want you to help me take him on.

M: Tell me, Mr Abrahams. Are you married?

A: No. Why?

M: Well, when the right girl comes along, how will you feel
if she pops the question? You see, Mr Abrahams, like the
bridegroom, it's the coach that should do the asking.

A: Mr Mussabini, I can run fast. With your help, I think I
can run even faster. Perhaps faster than any man ever ran.
I want that Olympic medal. Now, I can see it there. It's
waiting for me.
But I can't get it on my own.

M: Well, we've an old saying in my game, son. You can't put
in what God's left out. Now, you leave it to me. I'll
watch you. I'll observe. And if I think I can help -
if I can see the big prize hanging there - believe me,
I won't waste any time. When we meet again, I'll be the
one that does the begging.

A: So you will watch me?

M: Son, if you're good enough...I'll take you apart piece by
bloody piece.

A: Thank you.

The first bolded text is the way I need to sell the dream to a Sam Mussabini who is a member of the elites in Green Party. The second bolded text is the coach, Mussabini, buying into the dream.

I think maybe I need my own Mussabini to guide me through the thicket of politics I'll encounter while selling a bigger, better Green Party. Raw desire is not enough - this will take knowhow, too.

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