Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Intimidation at the local convenience store

Most of us have been in that situation, oh, too many times. We just wanted to stop in for some Coke and Suzy Q's after a tough day at wherever, and on the way in, or out, or both, we were subject to a random sprinkling of suggestive, lewd, and/or insulting remarks. Or maybe we just had to endure an intimidating stare-down. You used to think, "What do these kids have against me?", but now you think, "I'm tired of this shit."

A solution?

BARRY, Wales--Though he did not know it at the time, the idea came to Howard Stapleton when he was 12 and visiting a factory with his father, a manufacturing executive in London.

Opening the door to a room where workers were using high-frequency welding equipment, he found he could not bear to go inside.

"The noise!" he complained.

"What noise?" the grownups asked.

Seems a bit inhumane, but...

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