Sunday, November 13, 2005

World Cup Qualifying: Uruguay defeats Australia in first leg

Let me tell you what - Australia is *smarting* tonight. Having visited Australia and loved it, I feel for them. They're good kids. I want them to make it to the World Cup finals this summer in Germany, but they're not making it easy on themselves.

I didn't see *any* soccer today. The U.S. national team tied Scotland. England beat Argentina 3-2 in the final minutes. Switzerland soundly beat Turkey 2-0 - that's a big one. Lots of good soccer.

Wednesday is Australia's next game, again versus Uruguay - but this time in Oz (Sydney). If the game is 8 pm Syndey time, then that's like 5 am Left Coast US time? Shoot. Have to figure it out - see if I can catch it.

UPDATE: Great Oz vs. Uruguay match. Went until 3.45 am Cali time:

And it looks like someone was streaming the match. I know ESPN is supposed to have all the games live this summer, but it'd be nice to watch it from my desktop.

A kind commenter says T & T are in. And they get a National Holiday to celebrate:

December 7 9 is the draw.

Oh - and Maradona goes off on Bush when jumpsuit came to town:

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