Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pro-Masculine Feminist?

Who's afraid of Feminism? Uh, me? Yes. But who else? Well, apparently people like female Nazelah Jamison:

Jamison, who's originally from South Carolina but grew up in Philadelphia, says she has always been writing, but didn't start reading poetry until after moving to the Bay Area a decade ago. Multitalented as well as charismatic, she's an actress, singer, and musician -- she played keyboards in Michael Franti's Spearhead for a time -- in addition to a poet who describes herself as a 'pro-masculine feminist' on her page. 'I'm down with women's rights,' she explains. However, she feels that 'traditional feminism' can result in misandry: 'You don't have to be anti-man to be feminist.' Conversely, you can be a feminist and still appreciate chivalry. 'I'm Southern,' she emphasizes. 'That's how I was raised.'

I haven't checked out Oakland Slam yet, but seems like it might be legit.

The Green Party needs to get with the program. If the Green Party can't appeal to minority women, we're done. The 'Feminism' value in the Ten Key Values needs to go - it's strangling the Green Party.

Misandry. You cold figure out what it meant from the context, but some of us needs the internets!

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