Friday, January 12, 2007

3000 American Deaths in Iraq by Ron Paul

Ron Paul is a Republican congressman from Texas. He may be a racist and some other not-so-nice things - I just don't know for sure because I haven't paid enough attention to him; only enough to worry about him - but he's antiwar, bigtime. At least right now he is. Word on the street has it that he's about to jump into the Preznit race for 2008:

Mr. Speaker, Saddam Hussein is Dead. So are Three Thousand Americans.

The regime in Iraq has been changed. Yet victory will not be declared: not only does the war go on, it’s about to escalate. Obviously the turmoil in Iraq is worse than ever, and most Americans no longer are willing to tolerate the costs, both human and economic, associated with this war.

We have been in Iraq for 45 months. Many more Americans have been killed in Iraq than were killed in the first 45 months of our war in Vietnam. I was in the U.S. Air Force in 1965, and I remember well when President Johnson announced a troop surge in Vietnam to hasten victory. That war went on for another decade, and by the time we finally got out 60,000 Americans had died. God knows we should have gotten out ten years earlier. “Troop surge” meant serious escalation.

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