Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jonathan Schwartz vs. Terry Semel

Jonathan Schwartz is forty-one years old. Terry Semel is fifty-three.

Somewhat paradoxically, the younger guy runs Sun Microsystems - a stodgy-type computer hardware company. The older guy runs Yahoo - the onetime darling fast-mover-innovator of the internet, now almost a stodgy old media company.

Who would you rather have running your company? Either company? I'd take this Schwartz cat.

Yahoo continues to head in the wrong direction (YHOO). Sun (SUNW) looks to be moving in the right direction. Can't believe Scott McNealy is finally gone. Talk about sacred cows.

Granted, there are no comparable 'Googles' in Sun Microsystems' space (hardware), but Yahoo is just languishing. Quick example - compare Yahoo Groups to Google Groups.

Semel needs to go. His glory days are past. He's got no fire. It's just his ego holding on, now. He can retire 10,000 times over on the wealth he's accrued. He needs to make way for a CEO who will actually do something - and I don't mean some loser like Brad Garlinghouse who will cut 30% of the workforce just to please Wall Street. I'm talking about someone competent. The problem is not Yahoo's workforce - the problem is Yahoo's leadership, or lack thereof.

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