Sunday, January 14, 2007

Discovery Times Channel - Propaganda Outfit?

Looks like it. Check out this documentary from them on North Korea.

Just watch the first two minutes - it's pretty unbelievable. It's just like state television must be inside North Korea, except this is a U.S. show broadcasting inside the U.S. I watched up to about ten minutes. It is just one U.S. propaganda slogan after another, in quick succession. It borders on racist, and never veers very far from completely ridiculous.

Examples? OK. The documentary has on a military general type talking about how Kim Jong Il could sell his nuclear weapons to terrorist organizations. This is a ridiculous assertion on its face - why would any country sell something that could destroy it to someone else? Short answer - it wouldn't. But what makes it more ridiculous is that this is the same line that was used just a few years ago to get 'indoctrinated' Americans to buy into Bush's case for invading Iraq (if you believed other Bush claims of a nuclear or soon-to-be nuclear Iraq). It's just one absurdity after another.

The series home page link is here .

Maybe the New York Times, in its primary role as propaganda outfit for the U.S. government, was able to exert its influence at Discovery.

'Discovery Times' wiki.

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Tink said...

Discovery Times Channel IS nothing but propoganda. Might as well watch Fox "news'. But don't blame NYTimes, they parted ways in 2006...