Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Calendar of U.S. Government's Crimes

Saw a post on Reddit concerning one of myriad countries the U.S. government has attacked over the years:

It is undeniable that the US government has overthrown Democractic Governments, and put dictators in power, not the other way around. Amazingly… most people still disbelieve it. — Don’t Fear the Truth

Guess I've thought of this for a while, but it'd be nice to have a web service that provided a daily feed of the criminal activities of the U.S. government on that particular day in the past.

So, for instance, recently we had yet another U.S.-supported dictator dying, the previously-quoted blogger recently found out the reasoning behind the term 'Banana Republic', etc. - the list is endless, but not many Americans know it. It'd be nice if you could just look somewhere right quick and find out which crimes the U.S. government had committed on any given day in history. It would include other significant events - not just the murder of civilians, kidnappings, rapes, torture, invasions, bombings and other terrorist activities - it would include everything related to all those things, too.

Maybe a Google Calendar? Though I see several limitations, that might be a good start.

I'm looking for a type of 'On this day...' feature that wikipedia has - here is January 29. But for my list, I'd just want U.S. war crimes - and not just when the U.S. government dropped bombs on its own civilians:

I mentioned in "Lies My Teacher Told Me" possibly the first example of bombing civilians by aircraft, certainly the first example in United States history, came about in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when there was a race riot against the black community in Tulsa, and it even included flying a bi-plane, probably, airplane above the black community and dropping dynamite into it, killing more than 70 people. So these were race riots that actually far outdo the riots that we hear so much about in terms of the Rodney King riot in Los Angeles or the Watts riot.


...more on the bomb-dropping on civilians. There seems to be some dispute over who actually did the bombing. One thing is for certain, though - Wikipedia is one of the U.S. government's worst nightmares.

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Zorn said...

Found your blog because you linked to mine (the article about Guatemala)

What is funny is, I am actaully reading 'Lies My Teacher Told Me' right now.

Your idea of the calendar of US crimes is pretty interesting. If someone made a site that documented ALL crimes from all countries, it could get a lot of interest. Maybe a wiki site that specialized in war s and war crimes?

I also agree, wikipedia is the governments worst nightmare.