Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama, kickbacks, teleprompters, and 'change'

Not trying to be the chief Obama-hater, but I do want to point out things that I feel are getting lost in the mix of Obama-hype.

One of those things is the Obama-Rezko corruption case, which still hasn't seen close scrutiny yet. $300,000 less than asking price? Next to a yard which went for full price? And on the same day? From your long-time friend/fundraiser who was under indictment at the time? And you later bought a slice of the adjacent property for $100,000? Stuff is all shady. Perfectly normal for a politician to accept bribes - but I think we should really know what Obama is all about, just as we should know what all the candidates are about. If Obama pulls off a miracle and wins the nomination (that's much less than a 1% chance), he's going to go down in flames on this Rezko stuff. You think Bill Clinton has an integrity problem? Wait until Fox and crew get a hold of this case. Fuggedaboutit.

On the matter of his speeches, one article on Truthdig described his SC victory speech as 'transcendent'. That's pretty typical boilerplate for whenever Obama says anything. He could say, "What's for lunch?", and the establishment press would go bonkers painting it as the best lunch speech ever - one that 'transcended hunger' or something. I watched the speech - dubious - and it was pretty good. But 'pretty good' is not 'transcendent'. Not only was it just not transcendent, but it was obvious Obama was reading from teleprompters:

Obama arrived to a thundering response and delivered another storming speech - its impact only slightly dampened by the presence of two TelePrompTer screens.

(Not sure why the Guardian titlecased the word 'teleprompter' like that.)

I guess it's possible for a speech to be transcendent even if it is being read from a teleprompter, but I certainly can't recall ever seeing any instances of it. Maybe some of the old school speeches I've heard just didn't have video with them, so I never saw the teleprompters? Whatever the case, it wasn't a transcendent speech - not sure why the establishment media seems to go there all the time.

I also decided I want to learn how to speak like that. It helps to be good-looking and all that, I'm sure, but I bet even regular people could sufficiently increase their oratory skills to a very high level.

And I still wish they just ran as a Prez/VP combo.

Oh yeah - and change, change, change.


...Botulism and bloodbaths. This is someone with 'ideas' that Obama thinks we should look towards to cross the political aisle. So, the botulism comment was when Reagan saw masses of poor black people from Oakland swarming food trucks - it'd be a nice, quick, easy way to exterminate them, I suppose. And the 'bloodbath' remark came after the National Guard and other terrorist forces murdered some anti-war student protesters on the UC-Berkeley campus. And Obama defenders are still defending his Reagan comments. And Obama is still sticking with his suggestion that we look to Reagan for strategies on how to cross the political aisle. I wonder who the recipients of Obama's Reagan-like murder comments will be. Will Obama start making jokes about killing anti-war protesters in San Francisco, and maybe poisoning peasants in Afghanistan when aid planes drop food pallets? Will Obama next praise Hitler and Stalin for their ideas?


Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:

The word TelePrompTer, with internal capitalization, originated as a trade name used by the TelePrompTer Company, who first developed the electronic device in the 1950s.

Peter said...

thanks! i actually looked at the wiki page but apparently didn't read enough. :)

35th 'n Shields said...

The Chicago Tribune, which initially broke the story about Obama and Rezko has been investigating this for a year. This is what they say:
"Obama has been accused of no wrongdoing involving Rezko and has insisted that he never used his office to benefit Rezko.

Thus far, there is little in the public record to suggest otherwise, and the few exceptions that have come to light appear minor. On Capitol Hill, Obama once gave a summer internship to the son of a Rezko business associate on Rezko's recommendation. Earlier, as a state senator, Obama was one of several South Side political and community leaders who wrote state and city officials urging approval of public funding for a senior housing project involving Rezko.

But when Rezko pushed for passage in Springfield of a major gambling measure, Obama vocally opposed it."

You can read the rest of the article here.,0,3964061.story

Point being "There is no there there". People will continue to flog this story, because it's a nice controversy, but there are no FACTS to support the controversy, just a lot of innuendo. That's fine it makes politics fun. The problem is we're now down to five candidates - Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, and Romney. One of theses dopes is going to be the next President of the United States. Every one of them has integrity issues (yes even McCain, Mr.Wewillhavemorewars). Not one of them strikes me as the best America can produce.

Maybe it's because in Chicago we're used to our guys taking a little graft, but I'm still going to go with the guy who is trying to make the world a better place for everyone not just defense contractors.

Jay said...

"The word TelePrompTer, with internal capitalization, originated as a trade name used by the TelePrompTer Company, who first developed the electronic device in the 1950s."

This post is lazy bloggerjournalism at its worst. Would a little research kill you?

Peter said...


Would it kill you to read the existing comments before you post your own broken record analysis?