Sunday, January 20, 2008

Favre disappointed Packers didn't get Moss

You think?

Old story, but now that the Packers are out, it's top of mind for Brett Favre and all Packers fans.

The owners of the Packers were so cheap, they didn't want to pick up a spectacular talent because they'd actually have to pay him, you know, money.

Moss wanted to go to Green Bay.
Favre wanted Moss to go to Green Bay.
Green Bay fans wanted Moss to go to Green Bay.
But Packers' owners did not want Moss to go to Green Bay.
So Moss went to New England.

The owners of most sports franchises are criminals, as we've pointed out in previous posts. Green Bay owners are no different.

They thought it was OK to let the Pats have Moss because he'd still be in the AFC, so the Packers wouldn't have to face them if and until they reached the Super Bowl. Now the Packers aren't in the super bowl - they probably would have been if they'd had Moss.

I feel bad for Favre. I've been a Favre-hater for a long time, but he balls, and played a tremendous season, despite ownership throwing him and his teammates under the bus.

...the Packers are owned by some type of public corporation thing - not a single tyrant owner. Needless to say that the fans and Favre did not get their way. I think it's funny that Packers management started lecturing Moss - like he was a little kid or something. Instead, he went to New England and onto the Super Bowl and said 'FU, Packers'. Good for him. He'll have another shot at that elusive Super Bowl championship next year, and the year after that, and the year after that...

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Anonymous said...

I don't doesn't really bother me that a sports franchise didn't shell out millions to a superstar.

The owners are criminals for taking those huge subsidies for their stadiums. And the athletes are criminals for taking all those millions. It would be nice if just one athlete said "I'll take a comfortable $100k. That other $9.9 million you were going to give me - lower the cost of tickets. Or give some away."