Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's Official: April Fool's Day Is Dead

And it's about time.

This holiday used to be OK when we were kids - it seemed harmless enough - make a few people cry, whatever. But now it's out of hand. It's nothing more than an excuse to be cruel to people just to be able to say, "Ha! I got you!". It's cruel people trying to be more sinister than their cruel neighbors. Everyone wants to be Ashton Kutcher, it seems. It's all an ego trip - nothing more.

April Fool's Day is based on cruelty - not humor.

You want to have fun? Have fun. Drink a beer. Have some crazy sex. Do whatever - having fun does not require cruelty - I promise.

The past day and a half has seen the blogosphere filled with April Fool's jokes - so much so that nobody knows what is true and what is false. GM buys a bicycle company? Home defibrillators are useless? What's true and what's false? Where does the ridiculousness end? It's as if the world doesn't constantly produce ridiculous headlines of its own. Greenwashing? Never heard of it. GM buys streetcar companies? Of course, not - never happened - you can't prove it - unless you can.

Next year - if the annoying and evil April Fools' Day should rise from the dead - I will set a hopefully-capable Google Reader to start ignoring all new posts made from March 31 through April 2. I'll resort to Google News and serious news sources to get my news and information.

April Fool's Day is dead. Good riddance.

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