Monday, April 28, 2008

Rogers Clemens - Sex Offender

Hey, I'm just sayin, if you want to get into the Hall of Fame, then you might not want to be having sex with 15-year old girls when you're 28.

And if you do decide that you want to cheat on your wife with a teenage girl who is just about half your age, then you might not want to legally accuse anyone of defamation, because details of your ten-year affair with an underage girl-turned-druggie might just become public.

There really is no more detestable person on the face of the earth than Roger Clemens - save maybe for Bush and Clinton and the usual suspects, and I felt that way even before finding out that Roger Clemens was a sex offender. He tried to use his fame and money and power to get his former trainer, and friend, to lie under oath, and did it in the absolute sleaziest ways. The words 'slimeball' and 'sleazebucket' and things like that are not really ever appropriate when referring to another human being, but if anyone comes close, it's Roger Clemens.

If Bush is out of office before Clemens gets convicted of perjury, Clemens could be locked up right next to Barry Bonds.

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