Tuesday, February 03, 2004

CAIR: 78 percent of Muslims voted Republican in 2000

Life is funny sometimes. Like, you elect a guy you see as a family values-type, and he goes around pimping Christiantiy in Muslim nations. Well, maybe Muslims will think twice about voting for Bush this time. Check out the MSNBC article here.

According to CAIR, 78 percent of Muslims voted Republican in 2000. It was a departure from previous elections, when this community tended to side with the health and education policies of Democrats. But conservative family values that Bush touted were attractive, as was his hints that he would seek to eliminate the 1996 Secret Evidence Act, which many Muslims believe targets members of their community.

Hey, if CAIR didn't know before the 2000 election that the Republican party was a bunch of racists, I bet they know now. To believe that Bush would eliminate a law created to harass brown people, what...how....what would one need to be smoking? So much for eliminating the Secret Evidence Act. Instead, we got the Patriot Act. Nice!

P.S. I don't want to rip on the collective Muslim vote too much - after all - 22 percent didn't vote for Bush. Getting beat down, enduring threats, getting kicked off your schoolbus, having your Western Union funds rejected, getting fired, getting harassed, and having the top cop in America talk trash about your religion - it all seems like a fairly hefty price to pay for voting for the wrong white guy. On the other hand, most Americans are paying a pretty heft price for 'electing' Bush - but I don't think most of us have had the opportunity to experience it so directly. Maybe the troops in Iraqistan...

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