Monday, February 23, 2004

Run Ralph, Run!

For the record, I'm glad Ralph is running. I'm not sure yet if he'll get my vote - that's where things get complicated - but people trying to stifle his dissent is....what? Hypocritical? Horrific? Atrocious? Anti-American? GOP-like? Bush-like? Ashcroft-like? Republican-like? Nazi-like? Cowardly? Us liberals have been crying about the crushing of dissent under Bush and his crew for years now, and now some of 'us' are actually trying to crush someone who dissents from our POV. It's just too comical to be real.

UPDATE: Nader is saying all the right things. The Dems should be very scared. I can see a lot of Dems going the Nader route - not limited to Dean and Kucinich voters. Check out his press conference via CSPAN. Also, I feel vindicated for what was my supposition that the only reason Nader was running was because McAuliffe and the rest of the Dem establishment would not ever come to the table of negotiation. Would not even come to the table. Talk about ego. It's the good 'old GOP tactic of slime and defend. Call Nader an egomaniac when it is really the Dems who are the egomaniacs. Too funny.

UPDATE: People who are apoplectic about Nader's decision to run for office seem to think that he also has the ability to pull the lever on the voting machines as well. Last time I checked each American citizen only had one vote, and each citizen had to explicitly cast said vote for a candidate. I would think it obvious by now, but Gore didn't automatically get everyone's vote in 2000 just because he decided to run for the Presidency. Nader is just a presidential candidate, not an all-powerful being.

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