Sunday, February 15, 2004

Mickey Kaus: Waste of Space?

I'm no fan of war, nor Kerry, nor dishonesty, nor war crimes, but this little ditty by Mickey Kaus is almost beyond belief - especially coming from a right-winger. Here, Kaus seems to suggest that doing combat duty in Vietnam didn't require any guts. In this piece, Kaus is referring to his revelation that Kerry actually disliked the Vietnam War before he (Kerry) went to fight it. No, I couldn't make this stuff up (, 1:40 am post):

Ann Coulter might say "No wonder we lost." I can't make up my mind if Kerry's prior view makes his service more noble--he opposed the war but did his duty anyway--or hypocritical and self-preserving--he went and killed people in a cause he didn't think justified the killing. If Kerry opposed the war maybe he should have resisted it. It would also have taken some guts, after all, to go to jail.

Of course, the rest of the post goes on to trash Kerry and every other American GI who served and didn't agree with the cause as laid out by our warmongering politicians. I guess all those Americans who served in Vietnam were a bunch of gutless pussies, huh? I mean, the least they could have done was leave a limb or two on the battlefield? Oops. Well, at least some of them could have fought a little bit before they got shot and killed like a bunch of fuckin pansies!

This guy Kaus wouldn't know honor unless it kicked him in the teeth. Maybe he thinks that hiding out in the safe-haven Air National Guard, even though you supported the war, would have taken more guts? Fuckin coward pissant.

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