Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Goethe-Institut - Washington, DC

Caught a flick at the Goethe-Institut downtown tonight. The Goethe center was rockin' - very nice, modern, big-'ol theatre with seating for 100+ people it seemed. Puple theatre seats - that's gotta count for something. Great downtown location. Pleasant atmosphere. Etc.

The movie, however, sucked. Unless, of course, you're into watching an at least slightly-unrealistic story of a spoiled child-come adult junky writer who loses her mind and her place to live when the Berlin Wall falls. I like the idea of looking at the fall of the Berlin Wall from the 'other' point of view, but this flick was typical, I figure, of why people who hate independent flicks - hate independent flicks. Dark, slow scenes that go nowhere - 90 minutes of incessant smoking, drugs, drunkenness, fits of rage, and abstract imagery that doesn't work. Nope. That's a two thumbs down. Die Unber├╝hrbare is name of the the flick - yep - that's No Place to Go in English for all you cretins. :D

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