Friday, October 01, 2004

The Bush Betrayal: Chapter 16

We continue coverage of this awesome book with another small sample:

        Chapter Title: IRAQ, The Iron Fist of Freedom
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This story is old news to us who've been closely following the Bush treacheries, but it's really one of the most distasteful events, I think, in all of American political history (not that I'm a good judge of that, per se - I just couldn't imagine much worse; ok, Bush has set a new standard, but that's getting away from it all):

On March 24, 2004, President Bush treated attendees at the Radio and Television Correspondents annual dinner to a light-hearted slide show entitled the "White House Election-Year Album." One series of slides showed a perplexed Bush crawling around on ihs knees, checking behind a curtain and moving chairs in the Oval Office. Bush quipped for the crowd: "Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somehwere... Nope, no weapons over there... Maybe under here?"2

The president's jests got a hearty laugh and applause from the government and media dignitaries. The president's skit epitomized that, for Bush and many broadcast journalists, the primary fraud that led to war is now a big joke. The fact that lamost 600 Americans had been killed in Iraq did not dampen the spirits of the Washington elite.

It's difficult for me to put into words the fury I feel over this. It's just about beyond comprehension that we started this war, sent kids to die, killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, spent tens of billions dollars, and crushed America's trustworthiness by lauching this war on trumped up WMD evidence - and we have this Bush asshole laughing at the fact that we are unable to 'find' WMD's - as if there were actually WMD's to find. I think of the horror of it all - the injustice of sending young patriots to their horrible deaths - and often - to their horrifying disfiguring or crippling - emotionally and/or physically - existences - for a dumbfuck guy like this - who's making fun of the fact that he lied to us all.

How on earth someone could claim to support this guy Bush after hearing a story like this is really beyond me. It is not understandable - and it is not excusable. Not now - not ever. If people have been watching too much Fox, or for whatever reason, are just unable to bring themselves to vote for John Kerry, at the very least they should be campaigning against Bush. Anything less is morally treasonous to everything that America is supposed to stand for.

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