Tuesday, October 12, 2004


This full-page ad appeared in the express today, and supposedly the full Washington Post, but I didn't see the post. TELLHIM.NO is an organization from Norway that is collecting money to oppose Bush's wacky foreign policy. Their website starts out with this:

When the Norwegian government doesn't tell George W. Bush the Norwegian opinion on the Iraqi war, we have to tell him ourselves. That is why two ads are printed in todays edition of the Washington Post (the 12th of October).

The full ad text says this:

Mr. President

As friends of the United States, we respect your country’s strength, creativity and generosity. At this point in history however, we are compelled to speak out. Four out of five Norwegians oppose the U.S.-led war on Iraq and our government has failed to clearly express the majority opinion of its people.

Mr. President – we urge you to change your foreign policy. To pursue a flawed and failed policy is a sign of weakness. We want the United States to be strong and creative enough to apologize to the Iraqi people for an unjust war, and to the Allies for having misled them. We want the USA to be generous enough to compensate the innocent victims of violence, looting and trauma inflicted by torture. We firmly believe that the quest for peace in Iraq is best led by the United Nations and a democratically-elected Iraqi government.

Mr. President – your country can once again be a leading example of democracy and freedom, inspiring a world where terrorism can no longer breed. Your present policy only fosters resistance, more than ever, everywhere.

Mr. President – the choice is yours.


Concerned citizens and organizations of Norway

Norway is still a member of the Coalition of the Billing, technically, despite the overwhelming majority of their citizens being against the Iraq invasion. According to this July 15 piece in the WaPo, they have 15 personnel left in the country. They pulled out their 155 military engineers. Well, I guess 155 is better than nothing. Way to go, George.

Reuters does a quick info piece on the ad.

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