Tuesday, October 19, 2004

President Awnuld

This guy is unbelievable. He's a political juggernaut. Unstoppable. I mean, if this guy continues to do what he's doing, he could easily win all 50 states by large margins. It's mindblowing how mesmerized Americans are with this dude.

[The term 'mesmerized' comes from the 'work' of Franz Anton Mesmer. (Hat tip to Justin Raimondo.)]

Don't know if he'll be able to help Bush enough to keep Bush in office, but Awnuld's future is guaranteed. If we ammend the Constitution, this dude will take the presidency next chance he has. If Kerry is elected president in a couple of weeks, he'll have to deal with all of Bush's mistakes. And Rethugs don't care about policies, they just want the person in office to have an 'R' before their name. And Americans, in general, just want an entertainer in office - not someone who's good at the job.

But, Awnuld's move to support stem cell research is smart. Very smart.

He helped bilk Californians out of loads of cash, but they elected him anyways. Who am I?

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