Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It Takes a Leader: The Lockheed/Bush Ad Campaign

Lockheed Martin has been running a lot of ads in the DC Metro system for at least the past several months. The ads have always seemed a little too close to being campaign advertising for Bush, but I just didn't take the time to write it up until now. The ads brand Lockheed Martin, and Bush, as leaders.

In the ads, Lockheed pimps their helicopters which are used for, among other things, transporting the President around. I work near the Pentagon and ride the metro there, so it's not surprising that I'd see so many Lockheed ads. I can't recall offhand if these ads show up in other Metro stations not in close proximity to the Pentagon (which is serviced by the 'Pentagon' metro stop on the blue/yellow lines).

The US 101 ad campaign website by Lockheed Martin has a good bit of info. Here is the ads link, and this is the ad (PDF) I most identify with the Bush/Lockheed campaign.

Who knows? Maybe it's all legal, but I doubt it...

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