Friday, January 28, 2005

Chemical Weapons and the Flattening of Fallujah

Well, we know Bushco is using mad amounts of depleted uranium. It's poisoning our soldiers (Gulf War Syndrome) and will poison Iraqis for decades to come, but the evidence of Napalm-type weapons and other bizaare weapons is slightly less, if only because the military is not openly admitting to using Napalm - only Napalm-like weapons (to my knowledge, they're admitting this).

Fahrenheit 9/11 gave us one GI's account of seeing little Iraqi girls' noses burned off and other fun stuff. I wasn't that surprised by this since I'd read similar reports in the months before seeing the film, but I wonder how it affected others when they heard that?

Here's a report from an independent, unembedded journalist in Iraq right now - Dahr Jamail - who reports some mornings for Democracy Now! at 8 am M-F. Think I first saw this particular blog entry/article linked from, but I stumbled onto it today from Altercation:

“The soldiers are doing strange things in Fallujah,” said one of my contacts in Fallujah who just returned. He was in his city checking on his home and just returned to Baghdad this evening.

Speaking on condition of anonymity he continued, “In the center of the Julan Quarter they are removing entire homes which have been bombed, meanwhile most of the homes that were bombed are left as they were. Why are they doing this?”

Strange things are afoot in Iraq, and they're not things most Americans would be proud of - at least, I hope not. I know there's about 35% of America that would gladly execute the entire Iraqi population to be rid of the problem of Iraq, but I doubt even they would want innocent women and children to suffer so horrendously via exposure to chemical weapons like Napalm.

As for the flattening of Fallujah, Sy Hersh warned us, the wingnuts approve, and most Americans remain ignorant of what can probably be called, without exaggeration, a genocide - and certainly a war crime.

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