Sunday, January 16, 2005

WaPo: Deny Torturer-in-Chief, Gonzalez

Sometimes, even a corporate-controlled newspaper is allowed to take a stand for minimal human decency. Speaking on Gonzalez' legitimizing of torture, which of course, has already given tacit approval for Saddams around the world to torture their prisoners (including captured U.S. soldiers and citizens), the WaPo has this to say:

Senators who vote to ratify Mr. Gonzales's nomination will bear the responsibility of ratifying such views as legitimate.
To the spineless Dems who even contemplated voting for Gulag Gonzalez - don't sweat my vote - you're not going to get it anyways.

And to those jaded by the MSM (ahem, me), anything is possible - if the WaPo can come out advocating against having an admitted torturer and lawbreaker as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, then maybe, just maybe our Senators will show enough humanity to do the same. If you haven't made that phone call, written that email, dropped that snail mail yet - now is the time.

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