Saturday, January 22, 2005

Inauguration Day 2005 - Protest

AP pics found at

Think this one is from the Washington Post - a picture of an undercover police officer (shades of the secret police) dragging away a teenage girl:

Wanted to make sure folks in China and other places could see we were struggling with them, so put these images on my server as well.

Extremely proud of all my fellow protesters - especially the folks who took a beating. And especially to the younger folks out there. I was still wetting my bed at the age when a lot of these kids are out protesting - putting their moral courage on display and proving their physical courage. Without excusing the sporadic bits of violent behavior of some of the protesters, these thousands of protesters, especially the younger ones, serve as an example to us all in what it means to be American - to strive for justice and equality - and they provide the antithesis for the moral and physical cowardice of the Bill O'Reillys of the world.

One nice side effect of all of our efforts will be further exposure of Bush as a very unpopular president within his own country - lowest approval rating for any 2nd-inauguration president in 50 years at 49% - even lower than Nixon's.

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