Friday, January 28, 2005

Stay Home Rice!

Not sure what all the talk about 'breakthroughs' is about between the monsters and the Palestinians, but Rice is sure to fuck it up.

And why is Rice being sworn in a second time? I mean, wtf? Yeah, I get it - she took a beating for being so fucking incompetent and for lying us into war - but do we need another swearing-in ceremony? Does that void the first? Fucking. idiots.

Tellin ya...she's headed straight to the Middle East and she's gonna try to put a stop to whatever Sharon and Abbas got going on. I'm not sure exactly why Bushco needs that whole Middle East conflict to remain, but I'm sure it has to do with money in the end. Hopefully, if they do have something going on, they can get it in place solidly before she manages to disrupt things.

UPDATE: A commenter made me realize that I should clarify 'the monsters' phrase above, which was indeed, rather sloppy, to say the least. The Israeli leadership, primarily. Sharon and company. That's who I consider to be monsters. As do I consider the current leaders of the United States to be monsters - Bush and company. There are of course, monster citizens of each country - not sure what the percentage is in Israel - 10%? 20%? Here, in the U.S., I gather it's 20-30% - the hard core religious extremist fundamentalist nationalists that support Bush and his policies. So, 'the monsters' in the original post refers primarily to Sharon and his direct political allies, but also his citizen supporters.

And I don't use the term 'monster' lightly. In fact, I do my best not to use it at all, but sometimes it just seems to fit too well - as if no other term will do. Need to expand the vocabulary, though, because I do agree with Brother Cornel, who says that it's essential we keep track of the humanity of the folks whose policies we oppose - even if finding and tracking that minimal amount of humanity is often a daunting task. I listen to civil rights leaders, and anyone else who has experienced war firsthand. They might not always be correct, but they've been there and done that, often in serving a noble cause - and that deserves respect.

Not that I really needed to point out the obviously devious nature of some of Israel's policies, but Raimondo helps us out with a timely article. If you need examples of the monsterishness of Bushco, just read a few posts of the blog you are now reading.

My sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by my sloppy writing. My emotions apparently got the best of me and my sloppy writing made it seem as though I think all Israelis are monsters - that is definitely not the case.

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