Thursday, October 06, 2005

Guilty: Larry Franklin Gave U.S. Secrets to Israel

Franklin guilty:

He faces up to 25 years of prison when he is sentenced Jan. 20, though he would likely serve less time if U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III follows sentencing guidelines.

Dude is creepy-looking. But, I guess we'll see how I'm doing in my 50's.

Two conspiracy counts. One for possession of classified docs. Those conspiracy counts are no joke. Shoot, even the classified count could hurt if the government wanted to drop the hammer - they won't. It's Israel.

Who gets brought down with Franklin? Fellow neocon, Douglas Feith? Or did he already plead? Is he cooperating already? Ah, who knows with all these Rethugs and neocons - it too difficult to keep track of all the convictions flying around. Here's a Feith profile.

Didn't see the Larry Franklin story on tv today, did ya? Didn't think so. That space was reserved for the Franklin cover-up - the relatively insignificant Filipino case. So funny - Israeli spying case - guilty pleas - nowhere to be found. Almost the same story, but less severe charges, and only indictments - not guilty pleas - for the Philipines - and the Philipines story garners the television coverage. Awesome.

Raimondo's been covering this stuff. As has Juan Cole.

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