Monday, October 03, 2005

Oklahoma Suicide Bomber - White Guy, No Coverage

Why isn't this suicide bombing being covered? Apparently, because it doesn't fit the profile of what suicide bombers are supposed to be - brown.

The pic, linked to from Drudge, shoes a white dude with a beard - could he be a Mulsim convert.

Good on Drudge for covering this important story.

Why is there no coverage? Could the University President, David Boren, really have so much influence as to be able to shut down the national media - his motive, of course, being to make sure his University maintains a spotless image and can still sell-out all of his football games to pay back massive debts?

Sure - there is a pattern of the US mainstream media not covering white terrorism, but there is almost *nothing* on the wires about this suicide bombing that happened a hundred yards or less away from 84,000 football fans!

Check it - the 'emotional difficulties' line:

A University of Oklahoma student with 'emotional difficulties' was identified Sunday as the person who apparently committed suicide near a packed football stadium using an explosive attached to his body.

Is anyone buying that this dude had emotional difficulties? C'mon folks - this dude had emotional difficulties the same way most of the world has emotional difficulties - that is, how to deal with this insane Bush government that may have us all killed before they're done.

UPDATE: Looks like it was true - emotional difficulties, per his dad's account. Still doesn't explain the near-total blackout of a suicide bomb in Norman, Oklahoma. Unbelievable.

UPDATE: Drudge points us to the CBS News blog - talking about conflicting reports of the dude's alleged Muslim ties.

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