Friday, October 07, 2005

Overturning Roe v Wade Grounds for Civil War?

Hadn't really thought about it, but I guess it's possible:

If the illegitimately elected president of United States stacks the Supreme Court with illegitimately appointed political hacks who then overturn Roe v. Wade doing away with a woman's freedom and right to choose, removing a woman's right to the sovereign control of her own body and therefore her own destiny, fundamentally reducing a woman's role in our society back to the status of chattel I will have no choice but to exercise my constitutional right to arm myself and declare a civil war in order to defend my wife, daughter and granddaughter from what is so obviously a tyrannical and lawless government.

The court doesn't make decisions based solely on the Constitution - there are a host of factors it considers. The most important factor I believe it considers is the potential for civil unrest that a decision may have. Violence in the streets, as any U.S. toppled democracy can attest, can quickly spiral out of control - and bring down the sitting government. If the Supreme Court truly believed that a decision would result in significant political unrest - a la the LA- violence in the streets by otherwise-normal citizens - the simply would not make that decision, or delay it until the government had a good suppression plan in place. The risk the Supremes faced when throwing the 2000 election to Bush was relatively minor, given the 'opposition' forces were the weasely Democrats. Without a voice of opposition, the people would not rise up - I'm sure that's what the Supremes were thinking.

I don't think the overturning of Roe would bring about too much violence in the streets in and of itself, but combined with the growing anger and resentment over creeping totalitarian tactics of this Bush Administration (who recently suggested martial law in case of a bird flu outbreak), the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, cuts in social programs, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, etc., it's quite possible that overturning Row could lead to riots.

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