Saturday, October 15, 2005

U.S. Invades Syria

More evidence of CIA terror operations, openly admitted-to by the U.S. government:

Some current and former officials add that the United States military is considering plans to conduct special operations inside Syria, using small covert teams for cross-border intelligence gathering.

Do Americans know? Do they care?

UPDATE: Listen, for the rest of time, there will always be people out there who will say "we can't" and especially, "Bush can't", but it's absurd to make such a claim - as I've just pointed out above. Billmon goes off the edge here:

With the bulk of the U.S. active duty army marooned in the Iraq quagmire, pre-emptive (much less preventative) war is off the table. Syria, Iran and Hugo Chavez can all thumb their noses at the hegemon with relative impunity, secure in the knowledge that the 82nd Airborne won't come knocking on their doors any time soon.

It was probably Raimondo who said it best:

Sorry, Mr. Majd, but you just don't get it, do you? This administration will stop at nothing – nothing! – to advance its Middle Eastern agenda, and that agenda consists of a single simple word: conquest [.pdf]. Anyone who really believes that Hurricane Katrina will divert this administration and the neocon cabal that has seized control of our foreign policy from pursuing their dreams of Empire is a fool. A new conflict will divert attention away from the incompetence surrounding the response to Katrina: the devastation and Bush's clueless efforts to ameliorate it will only encourage the White House to leave us with a lasting legacy of fresh horrors in the Middle East.

And, finally, an ominous note from Raimondo:

Why are we in Iraq? All the better to go after Syria, then Iran. Saudi Arabia, too, is "on the table" – and the feast has just begun.

Scary stuff.

UPDATE: Not planning on cataloging this entire episode, but maybe we'll take a few steps just for the documentary record. Anything to slow this train down a wee bit.

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