Sunday, November 18, 2007

Georgia Police Terrorize Protestors, with U.S. Taxpayer Money

That's Georgia, the country:

Glad my money is being used not only rape, murder, and terrorize Iraqis, but Georgians, too.

Brilliant., we're not pulling our aid from Georgia. The Georgian government are good terrorists. The Pakistani government is only luke-warm good terrorists.

The only reason we give money to these terrorist states is so we can control them - it's a lever of power. Once we start paying that money, the politicians start paying off generals and domestic terror agencies (equivalent to the FBI, here, in the U.S.). So, when the U.S. government threatens to pull that terror funding, the foreign government has to step back in line, or else face what Musharraff is right now - a U.S.-backed challenger, and millions in 'opposition funding' and other U.S.-financed terrorism.

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