Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to blog from up in a tree

I've been trying to get the Berkeley Oaks folks to set up a blog, but haven't had luck yet. One, I don't know if there is anyone in Berkeley willing to blog ongoing events, and two, even if they were, they may be in jail. So, it's not as easy as you might expect.

Today I heard one of the tree-sitters might be interested in doing some blogging from the tree, so I thought Twitter might come in handy. The tree-sitters have a cell phone - don't ask me how they got it, get it, keep it going - beats me - hopefully we have one of the security guards paid off.

So, here are some instructions I'm hoping to deliver over there tomorrow (Sunday). The tree-sit is in Berkeley, so it's not quite a quick trip for me. Driving in the Bay Area just totally sucks. Whoever owns California really decimated a beautiful place.

How to blog from up in a tree
1. Have someone go to and register. It is free.
You will just need a valid email address. And later you
will need to enter your cellphone number to actually
use Twitter with your cellphone.

2. Register your cell phone by entering your number in the
designated place at Twitter will then send
you a text message. Hit reply to verify that this is
your phone.

3. That's it. Registration done. Get blogging.

4. To make things easy, add a 'Contact' to your cell phone
called 'Twitter' and use the number/short code '40404'.
Whenever you want to blog/twitter something, just send a
text message to this contact and it will automatically
appear on the web.

Your web URL will be:[whatever_username_you_choose]

My own twitter URL, which I only use for testing, is:

Messages can only be up to 140 characters long - so this web
service was designed to be short-form blogging.

Good luck!


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