Saturday, November 10, 2007

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Finally watched it - it was good.

My biggest take-away from the film (since I'd already heard and trusted in the central thesis) was the need to organize.

The people who had electric cars had no idea that GM was planning to junk them all - and GM was just taking them back from people very quietly, and people had no idea it was happening. Now, the internets are helping people find each other - and I'm guessing the internet is what helped these people find each other, though the film didn't specifically cover it.

Corporations are very well run organizations - they're perfect tyrannies with perfect top-down command and control - so the message gets out, and they can move very quickly. Groups of citizens/consumers/etc need to be able to organize just as their adversaries organize - though, citizen/consumer groups should not be organized as perfect tyrannies.

Some tools:
Google Groups

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